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Hey ;)

Name: Mani, 27 *cries* I’m British, English, Indian and a total dork. I am studying English Language and Media and Communication Studies at uni :)

Loves: fashion, photography, art, Harry Potter, foreign movies (especially French ones), classic movies and actors. Castle, Once Upon A Time, Luck, Drop Dead Diva, Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and SVU. I still love watching reruns of old shows like: The Wire, BSG, West Wing, 24, Cold Case and Charmed.

I am also a massive fan of Scandinavian tv dramas and Masterchef Australia =)

I will tweet about anything from RL to fandom. I would love some followers as I don't have many, but I'm still tweeting away like a fangirl.

Although I am a beginner, I’m going to start tweeting in French and Swedish, too. If I want to improve my languages, I definitely need to tweet in those languages. I just hope the foreign tweets make sense >.<


Feel free to add me and I will gladly add you back :)
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